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How to Solve System Error 5B00 by Resetting Canon TS9020

In this post, we will be learning to fix the system error 5B00 by resetting Canon TS9020. Many Canon Users are facing many different types of Error codes. Today, we are looking at a specific error that often comes when the ink system fails to absorb the ink and you will see the Canon Printer Error Code 5b00.Canon PIXMA TS9020 driver

If you are seeing System Error 5B00 in Canon TS9020. You can solve the error by resetting the Canon TS9020. In this guide, I will troubleshoot the error 5B00 and guide you through the process. This error can be seen in many Canon Models like Canon MP280, MX410, G2000, G3012, and MP287. Follow the steps and reset the Canon TS9020:

System Error 5B00 Canon TS9020

Reset Canon TS9020 Settings

  1. On Canon Printer HOME Screen, tap the Setup icon
  2. Inside the Setup, Now tap Settings.
  3. When you open Setting, Now scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset settings.
  4. Now you have to decide what setting you want to reset. Tap on the Setting only.
  5. Once you have tapped on the settings that you want to reset, the popup message will ask if you want to reset the settings. Tap Yes.
  6. The resetting process will take a while to reset all settings to the default.
  7. The printer will confirm that the settings have been reset. Tap OK or the HOME icon.

If the resetting process doesn’t help you at all. Then follow this guide to the next method in which we will be resetting the waste ink system count. This process will definitely resolve the issue you are dealing with. Error 5B00 will be solved by the following method in all Canon Printer models: MP280, MX410, G2000, G3012, and MP287. Before diving further to troubleshoot the System Error 5B00, make sure your PC is running the right Canon TS9020 printer drivers.

Resetting Canon TS9020 The Ink System Count

  1. First of all, you have to Turn Off your Canon Printer properly and unplug the power cable.
  2. Hold the “Resume” button for at least 30 seconds on your Canon printer.
  3. Then hold the “Power” button after pressing the “Resume” button of your printer. When you are pressing both buttons then you will see the Green LED will be lit up.
  4. When you see the Green light flashing, release the “Resume” button.
  5. Keep holding the power button and again press the “Resume” button twice. The LED light should go first amber and then green again.
  6. Release the “Power” button now.
  7. Follow these steps very carefully and press the buttons mentioned below:
    • You have to press the “Resume” button four times
    • You have to press the “Power” button only on time. The printer will show some indications on the screen about (“Resetting Ink counter absorber”.)
  8. Now, turn on your printer.

This method of solving the System Error 5b00 will reset the waste ink system counter and you can use the printer for work. The error will disappear from the Canon TS9020 printer and it will never show up again unless the ink absorber pads are full again.

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