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How to Solve Paper Jam in Canon PC940

Today, We are going to solve paper jam in Canon PC940 Personal Copier machine. When you ever encounter a problem like flashing paper jam in the Canon PC940. Don’t panic because the Canon PC940 printer copier always creates paper jamming problems after printing more than 70-90 pages. To solve this paper jam problem with the Canon PC940, you must be careful to pull out the paper by hand. For more standard procedure, you have to follow the user manual of the Canon PC940 printer copier.

Download Canon PC940 User Manual (English)canon pc940 solve paper jam error

In the User Manual of Canon PC940, you will see some of the outline pictures with guidelines to solve the issue by yourself. Starting on pages 11-75. In User Manual you will find the proper solution. Do the following step to fix the issue:

Solve Paper Jam in Canon PC940 Personal Copier

Inside the machine, jams tend to occur in the following blocks:

  1. Pickup block
  2. Separation/feeding block
  3. Fixing/delivery block

The troubleshooting procedures that follow are organized according to the location of a jam.

canon pc940 solve paper jam picture

Download the User Manual of Canon PC940 from the following button:


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